Los Trios Restaurant

Enjoy authentic Salvadorean & Mexican food & our Margaritas.


We’re exacting to let you know about our most popular dishes here at Los Trios Restaurant.
Frederick platter is our most popular dish, we can guess why. Its perfect combination of two enchiladas topped with melted cheese, one hard taco. Served with fresh made guacamole, rice, poco de gallo and sour cream. CombinaciĆ³n SalvadoreƱa is another popular dish is perfect for those who love steaks and sweet fried plantains.
We also recommend to try our Los Trios Margarita!

Flan Ceviche


If you have long wanted a tasty, beautiful and insanely interesting food, then welcome to us. We know how to surprise you!

Tacos Tres leches


Pour quality tequila, mix the best cocktails in the world and do everything to make your drink perfect with the dish <3

Sopa de Mondongo


The most beautiful guests, the most beautiful photos, the most beautiful place … well, what else is needed for happiness? Look for yourself in the photo and take it to your Instagram!

Ceviche Tacos


Spend every day beautifully together


  • While in Frederick for a few days I wanted to make sure I made my way here to try the pupusas I always hear so much about. I was NOT disappointed!!! It’s impossible to find these in Pittsburgh and now I’m going to have to come back here just to eat them again! The enchiladas were smothered in cheese and soooooo delicious! Would highly recommend Los Trios for anyone looking for an authentic Salvadoran experience!
  • This is my favorite Mexican place in Frederick. I’m rather surprised by the one-star reviews here. If you’re expecting crunchy tacos with hamburger meat, iceberg lettuce, and a puddle of refried beans with cheese on top, then yeah, you’re going to be disappointed—this is not that kind of Mexican restaurant.
  • It’s true that some of the wait staff don’t speak the best English. Deal with it—it won’t kill you. I’ve never failed to communicate my order with a bit of patience and good humor. It’s also true that the music is sometimes a bit loud, especially when people are gathered around the bar—so don’t come here if you’re looking for an intimate fine-dining experience.
  • Do come here if you’re looking for good Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Salvadoran food, carefully prepared from fresh ingredients. The tortilla chips are the best in Frederick—fresh and hot and flavorful, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. The tamales and the pupusas are both great. I usually get the chicken tacos, but almost everything I’ve tried has been good. Friendly people, really really good food, good prices. My wife loves the soups. The fresh guacamole is great. Our favorite Latin restaurant. Great food. I got lunch to go. Good spices and taste but ask for extra spicy if you want something spicy hot.